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This page took a long time to finish and yet I'm still not happy with it.  I'm getting to the point where my art is getting too good and I need to really push to get past the level between the wonky art I usually draw and the new more realistic art style I've been developing.

I really need to get ahead of my pages and build a bit of a buffer.  I really need to work on my pages to get the perspective and details right and I can't do that when the page is duein the morning.  Print comic artists spend a month working on 24 or so pages rather then working on one page at a time.  I see some advantages to doing that but that formula doesn't work well with web comics because people don't want to wait around for the next page to show up. I'd need to work well ahead of the schedule before that's even possible.

That said, I can see some improvements between this page and the previous one.  I'm going to try to to work on the next page sooner then I normally do and we'll see what happens.

By George Ward

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