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Who or what is the being in the top left corner?  Could it be a Valkyrie?  What is she doing here and why is she destroying the town?

Enter the Candle Chronicles and experience an action packed story of adventure and danger.  The party will meet threats far more powerful then they have met before as they try to solve the mystery of the Candle temple and the creature trapped within.  Will they be able to solve the mystery in time or will they fall victim to the same curse that befell the heroes that tried to save the world centuries before.
By George Ward

New Storyline George Ward
Valkyrie Candle Chronicles is a new story line for the Dungeon Legacy comic that tells the story of the parties search for a way to trap an elder god that is trying to push its way into their world.

If you are new to Dungeon Legacy this is a good time to jump onboard.  If you were waiting for the old storyline to end so you could read the whole story in one sitting, now is the time.  The stories are linked together, but you don't need to read one to understand the other.  The party is traveling to a whole new area and will be experiencing things for the first time.

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