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Looks like the fight is coming to an end.

Arlina is using Eyebite in the first panel.  This first level Warlock ability causes psychic damage to the target and makes the caster invisible to that enemy.  I'm not sure how you show that Arline is invisible, so I used glowing spots to indicate that the kobold is having trouble seeing.

In the forth and fifth panels, Zetork is using King's castle (a move from the game of Chess) that allows you to switch places with an ally and attack their opponent. I believe the ally has to be willing to switch but the panels are visally more interesting this way.

Ersaor is using the less powerful Twin Strike in the last panel. Two-Fang strike can only be used once per encounter whereas Twin Strike can be used at-will (once per turn).

By George Ward

Penny the Precocious Puppy George Ward
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