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Once again Sarah tries to convince Michelle to eat healthy.  She's not having much luck is she?
By George Ward

Penny the Precocious Puppy George Ward
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A strange creature crashes on an alien planet and begins eating everything in sight. The more he eats the bigger he grows, until he catches the attention of one of the local inhabitants, Penny the Precocious Puppy!  Laugh at Penny's antics as she tries to outsmart the monster. How will she finally deal with it?  The answer might surprise you.

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New Storyline George Ward
Valkyrie Candle Chronicles is a new story line for the Dungeon Legacy comic that tells the story of the parties search for a way to trap an elder god that is trying to push its way into their world.

If you are new to Dungeon Legacy this is a good time to jump onboard.  If you were waiting for the old storyline to end so you could read the whole story in one sitting, now is the time.  The stories are linked together, but you don't need to read one to understand the other.  The party is traveling to a whole new area and will be experiencing things for the first time.
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Apple Valley invasion George Ward
Muth of Apple Valley Today marks the beginning of my stint as the new artist of the Apple Valley webcomic.  You can find my first comic here or start the story from the beginning.

Adam Smithee was finding it too hard to keep up with all his projects and sent out a call for artists to take over Apple Valley for him.  His comic was also becoming more action packed and he needed an artist who could draw action scenes since he had trouble drawing them himself.  Hopefully I can handle the task and being new life to the comic.

This is temporary for now but it might continue for a long time.  We'll just have to see how it goes.  I hope you'll all support the new project as well as continuing to read Dungeon Legacy and Art Animals.

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New Webcomic George Ward
art animals

Art Animals is a new webcomic that I'm planning to release Monday and Friday along with Dungeon Legacy on Thursday.  I want to do a Monday/Wednesday/Friday update but a Dungeon Legacy page is a lot of work.  I might have to switch to Monday/Thursday/Saturday if I can't keep up. I'll let you know if that happens.

Art Animals is about a group of humanimals who attend an art college together.  There different social upbringings and cultures cause a lot of friction but their love of art brings them together.

You don't need to be an artist to enjoy the comic but it helps.  Artists are a breed apart from the general public and some of their quirks might seem odd to a non-artist.  I hope you will stick with the story and take the time to get to know the characters.

The comic is in a newspaper gag-a-day format and each strip should stand on it's own without knowing what came before or after.

Let me know what you think.  I'd like this comic to be a success and hope everyone will throw their support behind it.

Go to http://www.dungeonlegacy.com/index.php?action=comics&s=3 or click the link on the top of the page to check it out
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All 30 Characters Video George Ward

Here is the video I made to display all the characters I made during the 30 Character Challenge. Enjoy!
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